Nov 2021 Letter from the Executive Director

Updated: Nov 3

Thank you to all who joined us for our 2022 Strategy Session: Georgia’s New Majority! We hope you heard our message loud and clear. The only way Georgia keeps Senator Warnock and gains progressive statewide leadership, is to expand the electorate by motivating infrequent and new voters to engage in the electoral process in 2022. This was our strategy in 2020, and it worked.

Our strategy for 2022 will be to double down on investments in the communities that represent the margin of victory for Democrats: the new and infrequent voters, who are primarily Black Men, young voters under 30 of all races and ethnicities, and women of color. These demographics represent the groups that have historically been underinvested in, that are most susceptible to voter suppression and are most likely to vote Democrat, when they vote.

The good news is that in 2020 and in 2021 we talked to more new and infrequent voters than ever before. The challenge is, the only way to maintain the trust of these voters is to continue sustained communication that is culturally relevant, resonant and responsible. This means, speaking in a voice that is authentic to their community, acknowledging their unique hardships and experiences (ie. Covid-19, racism, poverty, distrust of the government) and be responsive to the issues that impact their current circumstances.

We learned in 2020 that culturally competent communication (communication that is culturally relevant, resonant and responsible) is the most effective way to motivate new and infrequent voters to vote, despite the challenges and structural obstacles to voting they faced, like voter suppression and disinformation. We also learned that when we invest in black and brown communities and with young people comparably to white “persuadable” communities we get comparable voter turnout results and more votes for Democrats.

The 2020 election cycle confirmed that the Democratic voting block is 60% African American and is seeing new growth among Black men, young voters under 30 of all races and ethnicities and in the AAPI and Latinx communities. Our research and polling project will focus on these demographics, as well as the white communities where support for Democrats grew from 2016 to 2020.

We know from experience that candidates and the Democratic party do a poor job of speaking authentically to communities on the margins. Yet these communities require this distinctly nuanced communication to take the risk that is trusting the government and engaging in the political process. The c3 and c4 partners that Georgia Alliance invests in are the best, most trusted, most authentic communicators to these communities that Democrats must engage to win.

Our diverse partners, grassroots organizing entities who have full time staff in Georgia, are the only entities that can do this sensitive and nuanced work. It is up to us to support them with our resources… and to convince the rest of America to support them as well.

This is our work as donors and funders. We must invest! We must invest early and beyond our comfort level. And finally, we must become organizers. We must organize our friends and families across the country to believe in what is possible in Georgia and put their money behind it.

This task will be incredibly difficult, but I and our team at Georgia Alliance are willing to make the sacrifice if you are also willing to sacrifice with us. For the future we all know is possible. Georgia’s New Majority will mean new values, new ideas, new humanity and a new power dynamic in our state.

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